About the project

Hello everyone!
I’m Mira and I’m here to share with YOU, inspirational real life stories of common women.
I’m doing it because of YOU, in order to help YOU! To encourage YOU! To support YOU in tough times or just make smile anytime!

If you’re experiencing difficulties, feeling powerless and profoundly devastated, or probably have to make everything from scratch, it’s always better to know you’re not the only one who’s faced that.

If you are doing well (happy for you), reading a breathtaking, insightful story would motivate you to new achievements.

In any case, we all have to get ourselves together from time to time, and these stories might be a game-changing magic kick!

I DO believe in an exceptional woman’s power: the power to withstand hardships, overcome obstacles as well as create, build and finally implement dreams.

This is exactly what you’re going to find on this website, reading these mind-shifting stories.
Some of them will leave you speechless, others make you feel perplexed or touched to the core; but all of them will give you the key principle:

Everything you need you already have, it’s in YOU! And you can do whatever you want on your own, single-handedly.

So go for it!
But first read the stories to get your wings spread.